Y esta... quien es?

Hey there!
My name is Eli and I'm the creative mind behind Las Changuis Tianguis. I'm originally from Sonora, Mexico. A former educator, and Mami of 2 changuis. Las Changuis Tianguis is a love letter to my Latine/Chicanx community. The idea came from the need for clothing and accessories that reflect who we are and where we come from. (Besides the usual stereotypical stuff... Y'all know what I mean!) So I decided to take current trends and reclaim them by giving them a taste of home and nostalgia. In a way all my designs are an inside joke that I want to share with all of you. Porque pues if you know, you know!

As the eldest daughter of an immigrant family, starting this business and making time to create has been a healing journey. It is a reminder that we aren't just here to survive, we get to create and share our art with others, we get to do things that bring us joy. I am delighted to share my art with you, and it is my hope that it brings joy to you too.

Thank you for being part of my journey and shopping with us!